Where Angels Fear Rebecca Levene &
Simon Winstone
#17 December 1998 ISBN 0-426-20530-8 241 pages
cover art © byJon Sullivan

(Even after all these years, I still haven't got around to reading this one yet!)

  • Faced with lagging sales, and now facing fierce competition with the BBC's brand-new Doctor Who novels, Virgin editor Rebecca Levene and Bernice range editor Simon Winstone authored this novel to give a new direction to the Bernice range, much as editor Peter Darvill-Evans did with Deceit six years earlier. Where Angels Fear introduced a major new change to the books' setting, making for a tighter connection between individual novels, in an attempt to increase readers' interest (and therefore sales) and keep the series aloft. As the range was discontinued six books later, we can assume that it wasn't enough.