Decalog edited by
Mark Stammers &
Stephen James Walker
#1 March 1994 ISBN 0-426-20411-5 335 pages
cover art © byMark Salwowski

“Fallen Angel”
2nd Doctor
Jamie & Zoe
“The Duke of Dominoes”
4th Doctor
“The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back”
3rd Doctor
Liz & UNIT
“Scarab of Death”
4th Doctor
“The Book of Shadows”
1st Doctor
Ian & Barbara
4th Doctor
“The Golden Door”
1st & 6th Doctors
Steven & Dodo
“Prisoners of the Sun”
3rd Doctor
Liz & UNIT
“Lackaday Express”
5th Doctor
Nyssa & Tegan
7th Doctor