Timewyrm: Revelation Paul Cornell
#4 December 1991 ISBN 0-426-20360-7 221 pages
cover art © byAndrew Skilleter

The Doctor dancing with Death on the moon, with an astronaut and a church in the background... Easily the most surreal cover to appear on a Doctor Who novel, it is reminiscent of the best works of Bosch or Dali, and nicely reflects the novel's setting and tone.

Trapped inside the Doctor's mind by the Timewyrm, the Doctor and Ace must confront the Doctor's worst fears and regrets made real.


In both tone and style, the first three New Adventures by established Target authors truly amounted to little more than novelized teleplays. Revelation was the first to truly take advantage of the book medium, not just by doing things "on an unlimited budget" but by doing things that were impossible to do on television. As such, Cornell's novel set the New Adventures on their way to being a true continuation of Doctor Who in a new form, rather than just a feeble attempt to cash in on a dead show. All that said, however, this particular novel is not quite my cup of tea, relying a bit too much on random surrealism.

  • Prior to being commissioned to write this, his first novel, Cornell had contributed to various Doctor Who fanzines, as well as a few items for Doctor Who Magazine. His New Adventures proved to be the most popular of the range, and he also later wrote for the new Doctor Who television series starting in 2005.