Shadowmind Christopher Bulis
#16 July 1993 ISBN 0-426-20394-1 244 pages
cover art © byChristopher Bulis

A remarkably good work of art from author Christopher Bulis. Its creative use of unusual color combinations makes up for the jumbled content and uninteresting layout. Bulis also contributed the black-and-white drawings accompanying his novel's Prelude (see below).

This is one of only two instances where a book's author also contributed the front cover, the other being Lucifer Rising.

mixed bag

A noble first attempt at a novel which sadly falls flat. Even the meticulous and well-thought-out background isn't enough to inject some badly-needed interest into the story. Fortunately, Bulis steadily but surely became one of the most prolific and dependable Doctor Who novelists, and one whose work has been unjustly underrated. His true strengths as an author didn't show until the Missing Adventures were started, where he specialized in the more traditional approach to storytelling. His spot-on characterization of the regular cast, and his skill in perfectly capturing the distinct mood of each Doctor's era, made his novels the most faithful to the original television show.

  • Prelude — from Doctor Who Magazine #202

illustrations © by Christopher Bulis

  • Bulis — an illustrator turned author — soon became one of the most prolific Who novelists. While mainly contributing to the Missing Adventures (and, later on, to the BBC's Past Doctor Adventures), he was notable for being the first person to write original novels for each Doctor (including a novel for the Eighth Doctor for the BBC), as well as a Bernice novel for Virgin (Tempest).