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It's often been said that cars have minds of their own... what if that were literally true?

Alternate Titles

"Chevrolet, I Love You"     (1970)

  • Incredibly, this story appeared twice in the same year under two different titles. One can only scratch one's head with bewilderment.

  • This rather amusing short-short is reminiscent of his earlier story "Itself!" (1962).

"Chevrolet, I Love You" (alternate title)
Spectrum magazine
format: ? issue number: ? pagecount: ? price: ?

cover artist: unknown

First appearance

  Data: Master of Null-A
Quark/1 anthology
edited by Marilyn Hacker & Samuel R. Delany
1970 November Paperback Library
paperback 66-480 239 pages $1.25

cover art by
Russel FitzGerald

This is a very unpleasant cover, which seems to reflect the New Wave's preferred method of exploring new frontiers — through mind-addling drugs rather than space travel!

Cover image: Walwyn Data: Walwyn