"Cooperate or Else"
Short Fiction 1942 10,213 words
  • This story's title is often printed with a varying number of hyphens, dashes, and exclamation marks, viz: "Co-Operate — or Else!," "Cooperate or Else!," "Cooperate — or Else!" etc. etc. etc. In order to reduce eyestrain, headaches, and undue aggravation, I've settled on the simplest form of the title and employed it universally.

Part of the
Rull & Ezwal Series
1 —     "The First Rull" 1978
2 —     "Cooperate or Else" 1942
3 —     "The Second Solution" 1942
4 —     "The Rull" 1948

The three Rull & Ezral stories from the 1940s were incorporated into the fix-up novel The War Against the Rull (1959), where they were accompanied by the previously-unrelated Yevd stories.

"The First Rull" is a prequel story that was first published in the collection Pendulum (1978), and later included as part of the Tor edition of The War Against the Rull.



original version


adapted for fix-up novel
Included In
Futures Past 1999
Transgalactic 2006
The War Against the Rull 1959
Astounding Science Fiction magazine
1942 April Street & Smith
bedsheet Vol 29, No 2 132 pages $0.25

cover art by
Hubert Rogers

First appearance

3 illustrations by
Charles Schneeman

Cover image: Walwyn
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The Outer Reaches: Favorite Science-Fiction Tales Chosen by Their Authors anthology
edited by August Derleth 1951, etc.

The abrdiged editions of this anthology do include van Vogt's story.

The Time of Infinity anthology
edited by August Derleth
1963 Consul
paperback 1268 205 pages 2/6

cover art by

Cover image: ISFDB Data: ISFDB
Decade: The 1940s anthology
edited by Brian W. Aldiss & Harry Harrison 1975, etc.
The Great Science Fiction Stories: Volume 4: 1942 anthology
edited by Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg 1980, etc.
Isaac Asimov Presents the Golden Years of Science Fiction: Second Series omnibus
edited by Isaac Asimov & Martin H. Greenberg
1983 Bonanza / Crown
hardback 0-517-41367-1 723 pages price: ?

cover artist: unknown

An omnibus containing two of the anthologies in Asimov's Great SF Stories series, Volume 3 (covering 1941) and Volume 4 (covering 1942).

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