"Death Talk"
Short Fiction 1978 5,000 words
Pulsar 1 anthology
edited by George Hay
1978 Penguin
paperback 0-14-004279-2 174 pages £0.65

cover art by
Adrian Chesterman


First appearance

Van Vogt wrote "All We Have on This Planet" for another of George Hay's anthologies in 1974.

Cover & other images: Walwyn Data: Walwyn
Fantasy Book magazine
1981 December Fantasy Book Enterprises
quarto Vol 1, No 2 84 pages $3.00

cover art by
Charles Vess

Table of Contents

This semiprozine ran for 23 quarterly issues from October 1981 to March 1987. Although it bears the title of Fantasy Book, it was unrelated to William Crawford's magazine of the same name (which ran from 1947 to 1951 — see "The Cataaaaa," "Ship of Darkness," and "The Great Judge"). In his first editorial, Dennis Mallonee acknolwedged his indebtedness to Crawford for partial inspiration. However, this later Fantasy Book in truth has more in common with Campbell's Unknown Worlds, featuring stories from the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres, as well as humorous and unclassifiable tales.

Unlike Crawford's magazine, Mallonee's is a very professional and breathtakingly beautiful magazine, meticulously laid out and printed on marvellous quality paper. Along with its fine selection of fiction, it also showcased the work of numerous talented artists.

4 illustrations by
Walter Lee

Cover & other images: Walwyn
Illustration images: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn