"The Expendables"
Short Fiction 1963 8,000 words
Part of the
Centaurus Series
1 —     "Centaurus II" 1947
2 —     "The Expendables" 1963

Adapted into the fix-up novel Rogue Ship (1965) along with a previously unrelated story "Rogue Ship" [aka "The Twisted Men"]. Confusingly, the title of this unrelated story was used as the new novel's overall title.



original version


adapted for fix-up novel
Included In
The Best of A.E. van Vogt: Volume 2 1979
The Best of A.E. van Vogt    [British] 1974
The Earth Killers and Other Stories 2010
M33 in Andromeda 1971
Rogue Ship 1965
The Worlds of A.E. van Vogt 1974
Worlds of If magazine
1963 September Galaxy Publishing
digest Vol 13, No 4 132 pages $0.40

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First appearance

2 illustrations by
Virgil Finlay

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The Best Science Fiction from If anthology
edited by Frederik Pohl
1964 Galaxy Publishing
digest Issue #1 164 pages $0.50

cover artist: unknown

Half-anthology and half-magazine. Issue #2 in this short-lived series featured stories from If's sister magazine, Worlds of Tomorrow.

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The History of the Science Fiction Magazine: Part 4: 1956-1965 anthology
edited by Mike Ashley
1978 New English Library
hardback 0-450-03438-0 288 pages £6.50

cover art by
Gordon C. Davies

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