"The Gryb"
Short Fiction 1940 10,300 words


Two men stranded in the wilds of a hostile planet must survive using some old-fashioned techniques.

Alternate Titles

"Repetition"     (1940)

  • Not to be confused with the collection of the same name, which contains this story.

Part of the
Morton Series
1 —     "The Gryb" 1940
2 —     "Vault of the Beast" 1940

These two tales feature Command Morton. "The Gryb" was incorporated into the fix-up novel The War Against the Rull, where it was rewritten to feature Professor Jamieson instead of Morton. "Vault of the Beast" only ever appeared in its original short-story form, never being re-used in a fix-up novel.



original version


adapted for fix-up novel
Included In
The Gryb 1976
The Proxy Intelligence and Other Mind-Benders 1971
The War Against the Rull 1959
"Repetition" (alternate title)
Astounding Science Fiction magazine
1940 April Street & Smith
pulp Vol 25, No 2 164 pages $0.20

cover art by
Hubert Rogers

First appearance

2 illustrations by
F. Kramer

Cover image: Walwyn
Illustration images: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn
Beachheads in Space anthology
edited by August Derleth 1952, etc.

Some editions of this anthology were abridged. Van Vogt's story was left out of the 1954 edition.