The Gryb
Collection 1976 50,000 words
  • Not to be confused with the short story of the same name, which is contained in this collection.

  • For some reason, James H. Schmitz is given credit on the copyright page of the revised edition. Perhaps he was the collection's (uncredited) editor?



original version


altered contents, title changed
"The Gryb" 1940
"Humans, Go Home!" 1969
"The Problem Professor" 1949
"The Invisibility Gambit" 1943
"Rebirth: Earth" 1942
"The Star-Saint" 1951
1976 May Zebra
paperback 0-89083-182-3 217 pages $1.25

cover art by
D.A. Daily

First edition

First Zebra printing.

Cover image: Walwyn Data: Walwyn
1978 March Zebra
paperback 0-89083-331-1 217 pages $1.75

cover art by
Colin Hay


Second Zebra printing.

Cover artist credit thanks to Hervé Hauck.

This cover art first appeared on the 1974 Coronet edition of The Man From Maybe by Leo P. Kelley. (Thanks to Simon for pointing this out.)

(Image courtesy of Simon.)

Cover & other images: Walwyn, other Data: Walwyn
1980 April New English Library
paperback 0-450-04580-3 172 pages £0.90

cover art by
Paul Monteagle

First British edition.

Cover image: Walwyn Data: Walwyn