"Haunted Atoms"
Short Fiction 1951 3,700 words


Centuries after an atomic war, a couple move into a house that seems to be haunted.

  • An odd story, made even more odd by the fact that it was printed only three times in various magazines. (This also makes this particular story difficult to obtain.)

10 Story Fantasy magazine
1951 Spring Avon
pulp Vol 1, No 1 130 pages $0.25

cover art by
James Bama

First appearance

This is another of Donald A. Wollheim's odd, short-lived magazines.

Amusingly, this magazine actually contains 13 stories, not 10. And most are science fiction, not fantasy. Otherwise, the magazine's name is completely accurate. :-P

Years later, James Bama painted a cover for van Vogt's novel The Violent Man.

Cover image: Walwyn Data: Walwyn
Authentic Science Fiction magazine
1953 April Hamilton & Company
digest Issue #32 144 pages 1/6

cover art by

1 illustration by

Cover image: Walwyn
Illustration image: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn
Science Fiction Digest magazine
1954 February Specific Fiction Corp.
digest Vol 1, No 1 164 pages $0.35

cover art by
Chester Martin

artist: unknown

Cover image: Walwyn
Illustration images: Walwyn
Data: Walwyn