The Hypnotism Handbook
written with Charles Edward Cooke
Non-Fiction 1956
  • According to some sources, even after all these years this remains a standard reference work on the topic.

  • Years before this book appeared, van Vogt wrote an article entitled "Hypnotism Man" that dealt with Cooke and hypnotism in general.

1956 Borden
hardback code: ? 252 pages price: ?

cover artist: unknown

First edition

There have been multiple editions and printings from Borden. Like all printings of this book, details are sketchy, except for a second edition / 10th printing from Borden priced at $12.00 (mentioned in Master of Null-A).

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date: ? Griffin
format: ? code: ? 254 pages price: ?

cover artist: unknown

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date: ? Wehman
hardback code: ? pagecount: ? price: ?

cover artist: unknown

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