"The Invisibility Gambit"
credited to E. Mayne Hull
Short Fiction 1943 5,800 words
Alternate Titles

"Abdication"     (1943, etc.)

Part of the
Artur Blord Series
1 —     Planets for Sale 1954
2 —     "The Invisibility Gambit" 1943

Planets for Sale is a novel based on five of the six original Blord stories (see below for full list).

There is a further story entitled "The Invisibility Gambit." Although this was the first story in the series to be published, it is separate from the rest of Blord's adventures, showing his retirement. As such, it was not included in Planets for Sale.

Original Stories:
"Competition" 1943
"The Debt" 1943
"The Contract" 1944
"Enter the Professor" 1945
"Bankruptcy Proceedings" 1946
"The Invisibility Gambit" 1943
Included In
The Gryb 1976
The Proxy Intelligence and Other Mind-Benders 1971
"Abdication" (alternate title)
Astounding Science Fiction magazine
1943 April Street & Smith
bedsheet Vol 31, No 2 132 pages $0.25

cover art by
William Timmins

First appearance

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1 illustration by
F. Kramer

Cover image: Showcase Data: Walwyn
"Abdication" (alternate title)
The Science Fiction Roll of Honor anthology
edited by Frederik Pohl 1975, etc.

This anthology honors authors who have all been guests of honor at the World Science Fiction Convention over the years.