No-Time Language Courses
other 1980s?
  • Van Vogt had quite an aptitude for learning languages and by 1980 knew well over a dozen. This knowledge equipped him to create a series of language-learning tapes designed for rapid immersion, each called something along the lines of "No-Time Spanish." It is not clear how personally involved he was in the actual making of these tapes; some say he merely created the format. Also, I am not sure when they were made, but at least the first few appeared in the early 1980s. Interestingly, up until a few years ago most (if not all) were still for sale through the Audio-Forum company.

  • There are about a dozen languages covered in this series. I am currently aware of the following:

  • No-Time Dutch

  • No-Time Greek

  • No-Time Hungarian

  • No-Time Italian

  • No-Time Japanese

  • No-Time Persian

  • No-Time Russian

  • No-Time Spanish

  • No-Time Swahili

  • No-Time Tagalog

  • No-Time Turkish