"Not Only Dead Men"
Short Fiction 1942 7,700 words
Alternate Titles

"Last Voyage of the Albatross"     (1976)

  • A comic book adaptation of this story appeared as "Last Voyage of the Albatross" in issue #3 of Startream in 1976, scripted by George Kashdan and with art by Alden McWilliams. (Thanks to Mark McSherry for this information.)



original version


comic book adaptation
Included In
The Blal 1976
Monsters 1965
Science Fiction Monsters 1967
Astounding Science Fiction magazine
1942 November Street & Smith
bedsheet Vol 30, No 3 132 pages $0.25

cover art by
Modest Stein

First appearance

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2 illustrations by
F. Kramer

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Invaders of Earth anthology
edited by Groff Conklin 1952, etc.

This anthology was sometimes published with the subtitle "More Tales of Space and Time." Also, some subsequent editions of this anthology were either abridged or split into multiple volumes. Van Vogt's story seems to be absent from the 1955 Pocket edition.

Some abridged editions are entitled Enemies in Space. Van Vogt's story was left out of these printings.

Bug-Eyed Monsters anthology
edited by Anthony Cheetham 1972, etc.

Van Vogt's name seems to have been misspelt "Voigt" in this anthology.

This anthology was later included in the omnibus volume Science Fiction Special #11.

Science Fiction Special #11 omnibus
1974 August Sidgwick & Jackson
hardback 0-283-98145-8 611 pages price: ?

cover artist: unknown

Like many British omnibuses, this volume was created from the unsold leftovers of separate books. Because of this, each book inside has a separate pagecount.

This omnibus contains:

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"Last Voyage of the Albatross" (alternate title)
Starstream magazine
1976 Whitman
comic Issue #3 68 pages $0.79

cover art by
Alfred Jarnow

Comic book adaptation.

Script by George Kashdan, art by Alden McWilliams.

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