Null-A Continuum
by John C. Wright
Novel 2008 128,000 words
  • A sequel to the Null-A Trilogy, authorized by van Vogt's estate and written by the acclaimed author of The Golden Age and outspoken van Vogt fan John C. Wright.

Part of the
Null-A Series
1 —     The World of Null-A 1945
2 —     The Players of Null-A 1948
3 —     Null-A Three 1984
4 —     Null-A Continuum 2008
2008 May Tor
hardback 0-765-31629-3 317 pages $25.95

cover art by
Bruce Jensen

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Promotional Cover

First edition

The early promotional cover that appeared on the internet months before the novel's release is interesting in that it shows more of Jensen's painting, has brighter colors, and features larger print. The Sci-Fi logo is also on the right side, rather than on the left. I'm reproducing it here because the image quality is much sharper than my scan of the actual cover, since presumably it's 100% digital, a mock-up taken directly from the artist's original. Also, the color scheme was extremely difficult to capture even approximately in my scan — so many unusual shades of yellow and green, none of which wanted to cooperate. So with this promotional version, you can see the colors for what they should really look like.

The dedication is also worth noting, not only because I'm listed there (under my real name, before I started using my pen-name) but mainly because of the touching poem to van Vogt, in which Wright laments having never written him a fan letter. I hope this inspires those of you out there to write to your favorite living authors right now, before it's too late. I personally will always regret having never gotten around to writing a fan letter to Barrington J. Bayley or Jack L. Chalker...

Cover & other images: Walwyn, other Data: Walwyn
2009 June Tor
paperback 978-0-7653-5537-9 424 pages $7.99

cover art by
Bruce Jensen

Cover image: ISFDB Data: Walwyn