The Proxy Intelligence and Other Mind-Benders
Collection 1971 70,000 words
  • This collection was only printed once. An altered version with a new title was later published as The Gryb, starting in 1976. This earlier collection included the story "The Proxy Intelligence" (not included in The Gryb) and did not include "Humans, Go Home!" Also, some of the stories common to both collections appeared in different order in the later collection. What a mess!



original version


contents altered, title changed
"The Proxy Intelligence" 1968
"The Problem Professor" 1949
"Rebirth: Earth" 1942
"The Gryb" 1940
"The Invisibility Gambit" 1943
"The Star-Saint" 1951
1971 January Paperback Library
paperback 64-512 206 pages $0.75

cover art by
Jack Gaughan

Back Cover

First edition

This book has some excellent blurb descriptions for the stories on the back cover. In particular, the blurb for "Rebirth: Earth" is as good an encapsulation of that surreal story as I've ever come across.

Cover & other images: Walwyn Data: Walwyn