Reflections of A.E. van Vogt
Non-Fiction 1975


This is van Vogt's brief but fascinating autobiography. Contains a highly informative bibliography at the end, as well as an rather energetic Introduction by Forrest J. Ackerman.

  • The bibliography in this book is not complete but it does include some very useful approximate word-counts for most of his stories, which I have used here in my own bibliography where more exact word-counts are not available.

  • In a 1981 article, "My Life Was My Best Science-Fiction Story," he wrote a of continuation of sorts to this autobiography, focusing especially on the untimely death of his first wife Edna Mayne Hull which happened the same year Reflections was published.

  • This book is a severely abridged transcription of a lengthy autobiographical interview van Vogt gave. As he says in the preface:

"In 1961, three universities — Columbia, UCLA, and UC Berkley — undertook to prepare a series of what were called oral histories of individuals in America whose life story might not normally be the subject of a published biography. [...] I was interviewed for twelve hours, and everything I said was recorded; my interviewer was Elizabeth Dixon of UCLA. Sometime later, I received a typed version of what I had said, and organizing it into a semblance of sense, I brought it up to date — by then it was 1964. The result was edited by Donald Schippers of the UCLA Oral History department, and four typewritten copies were made, one for each of three collaborating universities, and — of course — one for me, the author. I have now brought this material up to the present date of publication. First, I eliminated the excess verbiage so common to the conversational style; and, in addition, I removed a long discussion of Dianetics and the violent male. But I have tried to retain the original oral flavor."

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