Transfinite: The Essential A.E. van Vogt
edited by Joe Rico & Rick Katze
Collection 2003 262,500 words
  • Not to be confused with the Baen collection Transgalactic, published a few years later.

  • The working title for this collection was Approximately Infinity.

"The Man in the Labyrinth" 2003

foreword by Joe Rico

"Alfred E. van Vogt" 2003

introduction by Hal Clement

"Black Destroyer" 1939
"Resurrection" 1948
"Film Library" 1946
"Enchanted Village" 1950
"Asylum" 1942
"Vault of the Beast" 1940
"The Ghost" 1942
"The Rull" 1948
Masters of Time 1942
"A Can of Paint" 1944
"The Search" 1943
"Dear Pen Pal" 1949
"The Harmonizer" 1944
"The Great Judge" 1948
"Far Centaurus" 1944
"Secret Unattainable" 1942
"Future Perfect" 1973
"The Great Engine" 1943
"Dormant" 1948
"The Sound" 1950
"The Rulers" 1944
"Final Command" 1949
"War of Nerves" 1950
"Don't Hold Your Breath" 1973
"Discord in Scarlet" 1939
Afterword by Rick Katze 2003
2003 April NESFA
hardback 1-886778-34-5 573 pages $29.00

cover art by
Bob Eggleton


First edition

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