The Weapon Shops of Isher

(Short Version)
Novel 1949 33,500 words
  • Rather confusingly, this short novel was incorporated as part the fix-up novel using the same title in 1951, along with the other stories in the Isher series. This shorter work was never reprinted in its original form.

Part of the
Isher Series
1 —     The Weapon Shops of Isher 1951
2 —     The Weapon Makers 1943
3 —     The Weapons of Isher, Part Two 1982

The Weapon Shops of Isher is a novel created from the three original Weapon Shop stories (see below for full list).

The Weapon Makers is a book-length sequel to the original stories.

Both books were later included in an omnibus volume.

Italian author and translator Roberta Rambelli wrote a lengthy sequel to the series in 1982, entitled Le armi di Isher, Parte seconda (The Weapons of Isher, Part Two).

Original Stories:
"The Seesaw" 1941
"The Weapon Shop" 1942
The Weapon Shops of Isher 1949


original version


adapted for fix-up novel
Included In
The Weapon Shops of Isher 1951
Thrilling Wonder magazine
1949 February Standard Magazines, Inc.
pulp Vol 33, No 3 164 pages $0.25

cover art by
Earle Bergey


First appearance

Original short version, later included as part of the fix-up novel of the same name.

5 illustrations by
Virgil Finlay

Cover & other images: Walwyn, Lledó
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Data: Walwyn