"The Wellwisher"
credited to E. Mayne Hull
Short Fiction 1943 8,200 words
  • This story was sold to Unknown Worlds and scheduled to appear in the December 1943 issue. Unfortunately, due to its low circulation (compared to Astounding) the War Production Board ruled that the magazine be discontinued as an inefficient use of paper. As a result the magazine ended before the December 1943 issue was published. Some of the stories slated to appear in that issue later appeared in Astounding, while others Campbell hoped to put out in a one-off Unknown Worlds annual (which never appeared). This story was one of the "orphaned" pieces and remained unpublished until the 1969 edition of Out of the Unknown.

Part of the
Wish Series
1 —     "The Ultimate Wish" 1943
2 —     "The Wishes We Make" 1943
3 —     "The Wellwisher" 1943

These stories are only thematically linked, having a similar premise but all featuring different characters. This trio of tales was collected in Out of the Unknown.

Included In
Out of the Unknown 1948
The Sea Thing and Other Stories 1970