The Weird Worlds of A. E. van Vogt
1912 - 2000
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This site was created by Magnus Axelsson, but is no longer being updated. It is now hosted on for archival purposes. All inquiries regarding this site should be sent to Isaac Walwyn.

A. E. van Vogt passed away on January 26th, 2000. Read more about this at Locus Online, and at SFWA. I'm sure I speak for everyone who has lent a hand with this web site, and joined the mailing list, when I say that we mourn his passing, and all send our deepest sympathies to those who knew him, loved him and were loved by him. May he rest in peace and rest assured that his name will be kept alive.

NEW stuff!

October 19th 2009:

ORB Books 2008 edition of The Voyage of the Space Beagle available here.

One of the great original classics of modern SF returns!

An all-time classic space saga, The Voyage of the Space Beagle is one of the pinnacles of Golden Age SF, an influence on generations of stories. An episodic novel filled with surprises and provocative ideas, this is the story of a great exploration ship sent out into the unknown reaches of space on a long mission of discovery. They encounter several terrifying alien species, including the Ix, who lay their eggs in human bodies, which then devour the humans from within when they hatch. This is one of the most entertaining and gripping stories in all of classic SF.
August 4th 2008:

Slan Hunter by Van Vogt and Kevin J. Anderson to be published in paperback by TOR in December.

[ link]

Previously published in Hardcover in 2007.

[ link]

20. january 2007. Thanks to Simon Jones, I've added cover scans and fixed a few errors in the gallery.

Readers interested in General Semantics should head on over here and read an interesting article by one Solaris.

16. april 2006: After a long pause, I've added a bunch of new cover scans all over the place.
16. may 2005: Italian fans of van Vogt should note that in a recent edition of NOVA SF magazine, more precicely NOVA SF*67, there is a lengthy essay on van Vogt, entitled "Controllo del linguaggio, linguaggio del controllo: il percorso narrativo Orwell Hubbard Burroughs van Vogt", or in english: "Control of the language, language of control: the narrative path between Orwell Hubbard Burroughs van Vogt", by one Riccardo Gramantieri.

Info on how to obtain this can be found on or by writing to The price is 15.50 Euro.

15. may 2005: This is a Turkish edition of...well.. Null-A something. A collection of all three? Know Turkish? Take a look at this page and tell me. Seems the publisher is Kasim.

Check out some more editions that boggle the mind.

17 august 2004: A director named Robi Michael has made a short film based on van Vogt's story A Can of Paint. Check out the website at

22 july 2003: Read a review of Transfinite: The Essential A. E. van Vogt at
18 june 2003: The 1st chapters page has acquired a new addition, namely The Voyage of the Space Beagle, often rumored to be the inspiration for the movie Alien. It is formerly known as, and expanded from, the famous 1939 short story Black Destroyer published in the june issue of Amazing Stories that year. Many thanks to Kelvin Clarke and Isaac Walwyn for submitting this.
15 may 2003: Thanks to Isaac Walwyn I have now added the first chapter of The World of Null-A.
12 may 2003 Added new coverscans, on a temporary page . Later they will be put on their appropriate pages under the Gallery section, and lots more added.
10 May 2003 Added the first chapter of The Man with a Thousand Names to the 1st chapters section.
30 April 2003 Isaac Walwyn is doing an outstanding work on his website and has recently finished a lengthy and detailed study on The World of Null-A entitled The Three Worlds of Null-A. It is a book lenght study, comparing the 1945, 1948 and 1970 versions of the novel, with special emphasis on the many plot differences.
17 april 2003 Alexei Panshin has recently added to his site a long essay entitled Man Beyond Man, where he discusses the early stories of van Vogt.
9 december 2002: Added an essay entitled A. E. van Vogt and the Sanity of Anarchy, by John Andrews, to the articles page.

And The World of Null-A has been reprinted.

4 september 2002: RosettaBooks recently published in e-book format Slan and hmm...Alien! The Voyage of The Space Beagle. Also, Tor Books is publishing The World of Null-A in october.
21 march 2002: A new collection of short stories by A. E. van Vogt is scheduled to be published by The New England Science Fiction Association
21 january 2002: A. E. van Vogt: Science Fantasy's Icon, is a new e-book about van Vogt by H. L. Drake, published in December 2001. You can read a review of it at Isaac Walwyn's site
An excellent database about van Vogt's books can be found at Isaac Walwyn's site Sevagram

Welcome to my little web site dedicated to one of the giants of classic science fiction. Here I have compiled what knowledge I could get my hands on to help the curious reader discover van Vogt's gems, and to delight old fans. It is not my intent to violate copyright laws, but if you have a problem with any text being here, please let me know before you file a lawsuit, and I'll do my best to sort out any problems. I want this site to contain a comprehensive library of information about van Vogt and his works, and I believe I have made a decent job of it.

My greatest help in designing this site has been a little red book called "A. E. van Vogt - Master of Null-A". It is a bibliography published by Galactic Central in 1997 and written, or rather compiled, by Phil Stephensen-Payne and Ian Covell. It's a remarkable little book containing info on every piece ever written by or about van Vogt, in every conceivable language.

Very special thanks to Isaac Walwyn, Steven Leon, Norman Masters, Philippe Mingo, Endre Zoldos, Dominic Lopez, Jim Goddard, Kent Johnson and Robert Fraser, and lots more including all members of the Van Vogt Mailing List.

Alexei Panshin wrote a great introduction to SLAN as seen in the essays section, and here you can take a look at his own website.

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