Away and Beyond

Berkley, 1959. Cover by Richard Powers.

Panther, 1973. Cover by Chris Foss.

Berkley, 1963. Cover by Richard Powers.

Avon, 1953.

Pelligrini and Cudahy, first edition 1952.

Panther, 1970.

tories to thrill and delight you.
Here is an author whose name is a sure guarantee of the most exciting and intriguing science fiction writing you can buy. The far ranging imagination of A. E. van Vogt will take you - Thousands of years into the future! Millions of years into the past! Trilions of miles into outer space! - and into other dimensions, galaxies and universes. Here is one of the modern masters of science fiction of whom it can well be said: "van Vogt's formula is grandoise - imaginative, I love it all." -Groff Conklin, Galaxy magazine.

It contains the following stories:

  • The Great Engine (1943)
  • The Great Judge (1948)
  • Secret Unattainable (1942)
  • The Harmonizer (1944)
  • The Second Solution (1942)
  • Film Library (1946)
  • Asylum (1942)

Jove, 1977.

Presses Pocket, 1979. Cover art by Wojtek Siudmak

Sogen-sha, 1970.


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