The Beast

Manor Books, 1975.

DAW, 1984, cover by Frank Kelly Freas.

Macfadden , 1964.

endrake had stumbled into a land whose inhabitants were picked up at random by a time machine. They came from many centuries, but they had one thing in common; they submitted, out of fear, to the rule of the most brutal and primitive among them...THE BEAST.
He looked like a creature out of the primeval jungle, hairy and naked except for the black fur strip that hung around his belly. With no weapons but his superior intellect, Pendrake had to fight to stay alive - at least long enough to rescue his wife from the savage grasp of THE BEAST.

This book is based on:
  • The Great Engine (1943)
  • The Changeling (1944)
  • The Beast (1943)

Panther Science Fiction, 1985, cover by Chris Foss.

Original edition, Doubleday, 1963.

Editrice Nord, 1982.

Macfadden, 1968.

Manor, 1972. Cover by Tony Destefano.

Carrol and Graf, 1992. Cover by Tim White.

Edhasa, 1968. Cover art by Bas.

J'Ai Lu, 1980. Cover art by Wojtek Siudmak

Manor, 1978.

Panther, 1969.


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