Cosmic Encounter

New English Library, 1981. Cover by Gerald Grace.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

J'Ai Lu, 1979.

Editura Vremea, romanian editon, 1999.

Carrol & Graf, 1990. Cover by Tony Roberts.

Editrice Nord , 1981. Cover by Franco Storchi. , 1981. Cover by Franco Storchi.

space vehicle from Earth's distant future is trapped in the l8th Century, lands in the Caribbean Sea, and its crew boards the pirate ship Orinda. The unwitting pirate, Captain Fletcher, must cope with the uncanny problems posed by time-displacement, an alien "cabin boy;' captives sentenced towalk the plank who drown but do not die, and an ominous battleship that has sneaked in from a different point in the galaxy. How the "cabin boy" struggles to restore his ship, fight off the enemy battleship, and prevent Earth's history from being irrevocably changed, makes for a wonderful adventure that blends futuristic time-travel with the swashbuckling excitement of l8th-Century pirates.

Originally published in 1980. Interestingly enough the Carrol and Graf cover art is exactly the same as for Gordon R. Dicksons novel Tactics of Mistake, published by Sphere Books in 1981.

Doubleday, 1980. Cover by John Cayea.


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