The Gryb

Zebra Books, 1976.

scale armored, blood-sucker gryb glinted off the small and gem-like disk of sun, which rose higher and higher from the fantastic horizon of europa, blinding Thomas. The man in front was desperately hard to see against the relentless brilliance, and it seemed as if he was deliberately holding himself in the sun's glare to distract thomas's wearying mind and dull his strength.
Had the guide uncovered the real reason for his mission to this alien world? Thomas's mind suddenly ticked coldly with a sense of something repeated; for he knew death from before, during those bold, tremulous years when he had roamed the farthest planets.

Originally published as "The Proxy Intelligence and other Mind Benders" in 1971. Kent Johnson writes that the title story of the original collection from 1971  (The Proxy Intelligence) was dropped from later editions, and replaced by Humans, Go Home. The Gryb contains the following stories:

  • The Gryb (1940 as "Repetition")
  • Humans, Go Home (1969)
  • The Problem Professor (1949 as "Project - Spaceship")
  • The Invisibility Gambit (1943 as "Abdication" by E. Mayne Hull)
  • Rebirth: Earth (1942 as "The Flight That Failed" by E. Mayne Hull)
  • The Star-Saint (1951)

NEL, 1980. Cover by Paul Monteagle.

Paperback Library, 1971. Cover by Jack Gaughan.

Zebra, 1978. Cover art by Colin Hay.


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