Lost: Fifty Suns

lso published as The Book of Van Vogt. Both DAW editions are from 1972, according to information in the books themselves, although a bibliography published by Galactic Central claims the left one to be from 1979. The one on the right is the original edition, nevertheless, with cover art by Karel Thole. The other DAW edition is adorned with artwork by Jim Sounder. The NEL edition in the middle is from 1980.

It contains the following stories:

  • The Timed Clock (1972)
  • The Confession (1972)
  • The Rat and the Snake (1971)
  • The Barbarian (1947)
  • Ersatz Eternal (1972)
  • The Sound of Wild Laughter (1972)
  • Lost; Fifty Suns (1952)


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