The Mind Cage

Goldmann Verlag, 1966.

Succese Internationale, Romanian edition 1994.

Probably the original edition, Simon & Schuster, 1957. Cover by H. Marcelin.

avid Marin risks his reputation and government career when he makes a plea for Wade Trask, a brilliant scientist condemned to be executed for sedition. What Marin doesn't yet realize is that time is quickly running out----for both of them. Trask is experimenting with transplanting the mind and nervous system of one animal into the body of another. Hysterical with worry, he frantically works. When Marin tries to calm him, this almost mad scientist suddenly blasts his gas gun at him! Now, Marin's very identity is encased in Trask's body. Is Marin doomed to this twisted fate? Will they both become enemies of the government?

Developed from the short story "The Great Judge", originally published in 1948, in the book seen below, right.

Pocket Books, 1978.

Fantasy Book #3, 1948.

Tower, 1967.

Panther, 1975. Cover by Peter Jones.

Tower Books, date uncertain.

Italian edition, series called Urania, #191, 1958. More here.

Urania, 1989

Denoel, 1990. Cover art by Frankvan Al Der Werelt.

Denoel, 1993. Cover art by Mandy

Avon, 1958.

Carrol & Graf, 1993.

Belmont, 1970.

Urania, 1969. More here.

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