Mission to the Stars/The Mixed Men

Russian edition, Reyd K Zvyosdam

Edhasa, date unknown

Hungarian edition, "Küldetés a Csillagokhoz", published by Phoenix in 1992, cover by Tibor Zsendrei.

he colonies of Fifty Suns, hidden for eons in an ocean of stars, are finally traced by the warship, Star Cluster, of Imperial Earth. Torn By rebellion, Fifty Suns must crush the titanic Eart forces or submit to the domination of the Great Galactic Union. It falls to one man, Peter Maltby, brilliant leader of the feared Mixed Men, to unite the warring factions of his galaxy and guide them to victory.
But first he must resolve his own crossed loyalties. For Captain Maltby of Fifty Suns is alsop the passionate lover of Lady Laurr, Grand Commander of the Star Cluster, warrior of Imperial Earth...

Originally published in 1952 as "The Mixed Men". It is based on:

  • Concealment (1943)
  • The Storm (1943)
  • The Mixed Men (1945)
  • Lost: 50 Suns (1952) (Actually I think this story first appeared as a part of this novel, only later to be published as a seperate short story in 1972.)

Digit, 1960.

Original edition, published by Gnome Press in 1952. Limited to 5000 copies, with cover art by Ric Binkley.

Berkley Medallion, 1962. Cover by Richard Powers.

The first installment of the two part serial "The Storm", in Astounding Science Fiction, october, 1943.

Editrice Nord, 1976.

Astounding Science Fiction, January 1945.

Bastei SF Action, 1982.

Edhasa, 1966. Cover art by BAS

Pocket Books, also 1977

Pocket, 1977. Cover art by Wojtek Siudmak.

Berkley-Medallion, 1971. Cover art by Mike Hinge.

Sphere, 1977, Artwork by Chris Foss

Urania, 1954. More here.

Urania, 1966. More here.

Hayakawa, 1970.


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