Null-A 3

DAW, 1985. Cover art by Tim Jacobus.

J'Ai Lu , date unknown.

Fanucci, 1987.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

eet again Gilbert Gosseyn, the man with the extra brain who staved off disaster for the Solar System, as he finds himself launched on his greatest challenge - a showdown with the originators of cosmic civilization.
Null-A 3 is destined to become an instant classic - a mind boggling galaxy-spanning adventure!

I am not sure about that "instant classic" bit, but anyway this third Null-A book was originally published in france in 1984.

Compagnia del Fantastisco, 1996.


J'Ai Lu, 2001.

Morrison Raven-Hill, 1984. 750 copies made. Cover by Kikuo Hayashi.


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