The Book of Ptath

Paperback Library, 1969, cover art by Jeff Jones.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

Panther, 1973.

Panther Science Fiction, 1984. Cover by Peter Elson.

n the beginning was the Shining One, Ptath, god of land, sea and space, on whom be all praise heaped, and countless prayers offered that he may return to his chosen race from his millions of years of merging with the race, which noble sacrifice he made for the glory of his people and for the development of his spirit, O Diyan, O Kolla and divine Rad." .Holroyd blinked at the words, then closed the book.The wonder af it grew and grew, and slowly a conviction formed: He was dead. Except for this resurrection in the body af a god, he would he lying dead on a battlefield. But now it was two hundred million years later, andhe was destined to rule the world. He was the god they worshipped as PTATH.

It was previously published as Two Hundred Million A.D. and originally as The Book of Ptath in 1947.

Zebra Books, 1976. Cover by Gerry Daly

DAW, 1984. Cover by Ken W. Kelly.

Fantasy Press, 1947. Cover by A. J. Donnel.

Paperback Library, 1971?.

Carrol and Graf, 1992.

I Romanzi Del Cosmo, 1958.

Cosmo, 1962.

Russian edition; Biblia Pta.

Le Rayon Fantastique, 1961.


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