Quest for the Future

NEL, 1973. Cover by Bruce Pennington.

orlds of differing probabilities and the constant search for immortality are the twin themes of this mind-toppling story. Expanding the enigmas of time, van Vogt carries the reader to the furthermost edges of past and future and outwards to a place where time loses all meaning.

Originally published in 1970.

Like so many of van Vogt's later books, this one is a "fix-up", based on :

  • Film Library (1946)
  • The Search (1943)
  • Far Centaurus (1944)

Presses Pocket. Date unknown. Cover by Siudmak.

Science Fiction Book Club, 1970. Cover by Gary Viskupic.

Pocket, 1977. Cover art by Wojtek Siudmak.

Ace, 1970. Cover art by John Schoenherr.

Ace, 1972. Cover art by John Schoenherr.


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