J'Ai Lu, 1992. Cover art by David Mattingly.

HE MEN, THE WOMEN-AND THE ALIENS! It is a world of the future where women are the dominant sex and men wear chemically treated glasses to keep them in line. But Dr. Peter Grayson has accidentally discovered the key to his chains- an unnoticeable crack in his rose-colored glasses that liberates him from the tyranny of women. Suddenly, Grayson is virile, he is powerful, women notice him, want him- he is alive! But, unknown to him, his liberation is being monitored- by dangerous underground revolutionaries who want his powers to help overthrow the extra-planetary masters of the world, the Utt!


J'Ai Lu, date unknown. 

Editura Vremea, 1993.

Pocket Books, 1979. Cover art by Jerome Podwil.

Urania, 1980. More here.


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