Rogue Ship

Original book publication, Doubleday, 1965.

Heyne, 1966.

Panther Science Fiction, 1975, cover by Peter Jones.

entaurus was the destination of the space ship The Hope of Man. It had been traveling through space for almost twenty years, and still nine years of flight remained before Centaurus would be reached. For many on board the craft earth had become a vague memory, while for others it was a mere dot in the vast starry reaches of space. Restlessness was evident everywhere; the people wanted to return to a place they knew was inhabited-not continue to an unknown where life was questionable. Mutiny seemed inevitable. Captain Lesbee knew that mutiny bred mutiny, but what was more vital was his knowledge of earth's possible obliteration. The one hope was Centaurus. Now more than ever, there could be no turning back. Order had to be maintained even at the price of human life. This is only the beginning of a dramatic and fascinating interspace voyage, where the greatest hazards are not the forces of an unknown scientific world, but man himself.

Based on the short stories;

  • Centaurus II (1947)
  • Rogue Ship (1950)
  • The Expendables (1963)

Astounding Science Fiction, June 1947. Original appearance of "Centaurus II"

Berkley Medallion, 1966.

Super Science Fiction, March 1950. Original appearance of "Rogue Ship"

DAW, 1980. Cover by Greg Theakston.

Worlds of If, 1963. Original appearance of "The Expendables"

Edhasa, 1967.

Marabout, 1966.

Hungarian edition, published by Haja & Fiai in 1994.

Eons, E-Book. Cover art by Michel Koch. More info on this here.

Editura Vrema, 1994.


Urania, 1964. The Expendables and other stories by f.e. Robert Silverberg, Philip K. Dick and more. More info here.

Dobson, 1967. Cover by Richard Weaver.


Sogen-sha, 1973.


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