The Silkie

Ace, 1973.

Ace, 1969. Original edition. Cover by Jack Gaughan.

J'Ai Lu. Probaly 1994.

New English Library, 1977.

he Silkie - a living spaceship, impervious to heat and cold, virtually indestructable and capable of travelling at supersonic speeds.
The Silkie - similar to a human being, but not the same. Highly intelligent.
The Silkie - Able to live under the oceans with the ease of a dolphin and the speed of a shark.
The Silkie - A modern angel or a computerized demon?
The Silkie - A friend of Earth, or a pitiless, alien destroyer?

First published in 1969. This edition was published by New English Library in 1977. Based on the following short stories:

  • The Silkie (1964)
  • Silkies in Space (1966)
  • Enemy of the Silkie (1967)

DAW, 1982. Cover by Wayne D. Barlowe.


Editura Vremea, 1993.

Urania, 1964. The Silkie and stories by Harry Harrison, Keith Laumer, Robert Silverbert and others. More here.

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