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Gallimard, 1976.

J'Ai Lu, 1971. Cover art by Jean Mascii

UPERIOR BEINGS. Years ago, Mankind fought against the hated slan race in the fierce Slan Wars. The result was the extermination of almost all slans, and the establishment of a world-wide police state. But slan Jommy Cross had escaped extermination and was now living in constant fear in the world of cruel humans. Jommy was determined to avoid detection, track down other surviving slans, and with them, the mystery of the slans' strange existence and superiority.

This blurb is from a Berkley edition published in 1977.

Originally serialized in Astounding Science Fiction in 1940, this novel is a landmark in science fiction. Read an interesting essay on this novel here.

Hayakawa, 1984.

Japanese edition published by Hayakawa.

Tor, 1998.

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Czech edition published by Poutnik, 1997.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

Editrice Nord, 1973.

Astounding Science Fiction, october 1940. Second installment of the exciting new serial!

Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1953. Cover by Pagram.

Fantastic Story,1952

Science Fiction Book Club, 1978. Cover by Gary Viskupic.

Ballantine, 1961. Cover by Richard Powers.

Swedish Edition. Date and publisher unknown.

RosettaBooks. E-Book published in 2002.

J'ai Lu, 1975. Cover by Pierre Wiazemsky

J'ai Lu, 2001. Cover art by Olver Frot

I Massimi Della Fantascienza, 1986

Easton Press, Signed and leather bound. 1994.

Arkham House, 1946. Original edition. Cover by Robert Hubbel.

Dell, 1953.

Berkley Medallion, probably 1975.

Panter, 1968.


Russian edition, Slen.


Urania, 2003. More here.

Urania, 1964. More here.

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Simon & Schuster, 1951. Cover by Edward R. Collins.

Le Rayon Fantastique, 1954.

Panther, 1978.

Urania, no. 8, 1953

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