Daw, Original edition, 1977. Cover by Vincent DiFate.

J'Ai Lu, probably 1990. Cover art by Chris Foss.

Editrice Nord, 1978.

esearch Alpha sought the answer to the ultimate intelligence-and also to certain problems of other intelligent beings sharing our galaxy.
Research Alpha sought the reason for humanity's very existence in a vast and apparently hostile cosmos.
Research Alpha found answers they never expected. What they found ultimately lead to...
Point Omega - when man becomes one with totality!

It is based on the following short stories:

  • Asylum (1942)
  • The Proxy Intelligence (1968)
  • Research Alpha (1965)

Urania, 1965. Collection containing Research Alpha and stories by other authores. More info here.

Sidgwick and Jackson, 1978.


NEL, 1979. Cover by Tim White.



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