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This is a Czech edition of some book, published in 2007.


This is a turkish edition, I presume from looking at this page. Probably published by "Kasim" in 2002.


Probably Voyage of the Space Beagle, probably Turkish. I would appreciate someone verifying this by checking out this page. Or this.


Don't know what this is, quite possibly I have it amongst the many covers I still need to put on the site, but I recently found this on http://www.kapaza.nl/detail/637641/. It says it's published in 1982, but according to my bibliography there is no english version published  in 1982. This must therefore be either NEL 1980 or Timescape 1983.


Here's a bulgarian edition of Slan, but who's the publisher? Found this on http://www.sfbg.us/books/ofir/bf/index-0036.html.


Bulgarian edition of The Weapon Makers. Publisher? Year? Cover artist? See more in russian on http://www.sfbg.us/books/ofir/bf/index-0025.html.


One more bulgarian, War against the Rull. See more on http://www.sfbg.us/books/ofir/bf/index-0029.html


This seems to be published in the Netherlands. You can click it for larger version, and see more about it here.


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