The War Against The Rull

Edhasa, 1963.

Pocket Books (Permabook edition) in 1962. Cover by Richard Powers.

Editura Vremea, 1995.

S THAT A RULL SITTING NEXT TO YOU? Now man has conquered all of space and seemingly he is at peace with everone in it. That is, everything except the Rull.
Who and what are the Rulls? They are a race so alien and paranoid that they must have originated in another galaxy. In their true form they resemble some sort of dark, large worm with a variety of appendages. But you almost never see a Rull as he really is. The Rull, you see, can change its outward appearance at will, so that even your closest friend or most trusted colleague may suddenly turn out to be a spy in disguise.

Originally published in 1959.

It is based on:

  • Repetition (1940)
  • Cooperate-Or Else! (1942)
  • The Second Solution (1942)
  • The Green Forest (1949)
  • The Rull (1948)
  • The Sound (1950)

ACE, 1972, cover by john Schoenherr.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

Science Fiction Book Club, 1959.

Panther, date unknown.

Panther, 1969.

Very likely published by Fleuve Noir in 1963. Cover by Brantonne.

Panther Science Fiction, 1969. Cover by Colin Hay.

Urania, 1960. More here.

Phoenix, 1993, Cover art by Tibor Szendrei.

Timescape, 1982.

Urania, 1970. More here.

Hayakawa, 1965.


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