Earth's Last Fortress

Sphere, 1977. Cover by Chris Foss.

Ace, 1950

Le Masque Science Fiction, 1978.

The edition in the middle was published by ACE in 1950, backed with "Lost in Space" by George O. Martin. The edition on the right was published by Le Masque Science Fiction in 1978.

HE BODY STEALERS! Every day they came to the recruiting office, eager-eyed men anxious to enlist for what they thought was a worthwhile cause. They gave their names and next of kin, then walked into a backroom, where the enigmatic Dr. Lell waited for them. And that was where the nightmare began: For Lell was a time-traveller from an unimaginably hideous future where a war between the sane Planetarians and the insane Glorious was devastating Earth. The Glorious were weakening, losing thousands of men every minute - and so they had despatched emissaries like Lell to the past, to lure unsuspecting adventure-seekers into the ranks of their decimated slave-armies: It was a one-way ticket to death in a violent future...

The Sphere edition on the left, published by in 1977, consists of two novellas; "The Three Eyes of Evil", which is based on the short story "Siege of the Unseen" (1946, as "The Chronicler") which, in turn, appeared also as the novel "Siege of the Unseen" in 1959.

"Earth's Last Fortress" is based on "Recruiting Station" (1942), also published as "Masters of Time" in 1950.


Hayakawa, 1971.

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