Empire of the Atom

Manor, 1974.

La Tribuna SFBC, 1963.

Macfadden-Bartell, 1970. Cover art by Jack Fargasso.

ATOM WAR HAD DESTROYED THE WORLD...History and records had been lost; the few war-shocked people who were left could not even recall what had started the atomic destruction. But even these desperate circumstances could not change the basic nature of man. Out of the still-smoking ruins came one who was stronger and more ruthless than most. And from his plans to rule the universe grew the seeds of the last great war of all-the one that would - finally and forever - wipe man off the face of Earth.

The sequel to this book is The Wizard of Linn. The Empire of the Atom is based upon these short stories previously published in the magazine Astounding Science Fiction:

  • A Son Is Born (1946)
  • Child of the Gods (1946)
  • Hand of the Gods (1946)
  • Home of the Gods (1947)
  • The Barbarian (1947)

Shasta in 1957, cover by H. W. McCauley.

Astounding Science Fiction, april 1947, containing the short story "Home of the Gods", used in this book.

J'Ai Lu.

New English Library, 1975. Cover by Bruce Pennington.

Manor, 1976, cover by Bruce Pennington.

Another J'Ai Lu edition.

Timescape, 1983

New English Library, 1978. Cover art by Joe Petagno.

Macfadden, 1966.

ACE, 1957, backed with Space Station by Frank Belknap Long, cover by Valigursky.

J'Ai Lu, 1972. Cover art by Tibor Csernus.

J'Ai Lu, 2003. Both books.

I Massimi Della Fantascienza, 1986.

Bulgarian Edition. Cover by Bruce Pennington. More on this edition here, and more on artwork here.

Russian edition; Imperiya Atoma.

Sogen-sha, 1976.


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