The Wizard of Linn

Astounding Science Fiction, april 1950.

Manor Books, 1975, cover by Tony Destefano.

Hungarian edition, published by Phoenix in 1992, cover by Attila Boros.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

12,000 A.D. The Earth, after the atomic holocaust, had reverted to a strange kind of barbarism, where men could build space ships but could not communicate except by the most primitive means. Alien invaders had been sighted at the edge of the galaxy - but no one took action. Only one man, THE WIZARD OF LINN could save the decadent empire and with his mysterious powers, prevent the Earth's destruction.

This was originally published in Germany in 1961 by Terra Sonderband, as "Der Zauberer Von Linn".

And let's not forget; this book is the sequel to Empire of the Atom.

Ace, 1962.

Terra Zonderband, 1961.

Macfadden, 1968.

Another J'Ai Lu edition.

J'Ai Lu, 2003. Both books

I Massimi Della Fantascienza, 1986

New English Library, 1975. Cover art by Ray Feibush.

J'Ai Lu, 1972. Cover art by Tibor Csernus.

Kubo-shoten, 1981.


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