The Pawns of Null-A

Sogen-sha, 1974.

Ariel Press, 1991.
Cover by Mark Peyton.

Sogen-sha, 1986.

hat was the follower?
Gosseyn knew the creature threatened to destroy whole solar systems but not even his Null-A trained double brain could thwart the follower's plans. Then he found himself face to face with a force that lay at the very roots of human intelligence... And fighting an insane mind that had once controlled his body.

First published in 1956. This is the second book in the Null-A trilogy. It was also been published as "The Players of Null-A" It's sequel is "Null-A 3".

Berkley, 1966.

Berkley Medalion, 1982, cover by Vincent DiFate.

Digit, 1960.

J'Ai Lu, 1984. Cover by Tibor Csernus.

Astounding Science Fiction, october 1948.

Dobson, 1970. Cover by Richard Weaver.

J'Ai Lu, date unknown.

Astounding Science Fiction, november 1948.

Berkley Medallion, 1974. Cover by Paul Lehr.

Acervo, 1975.

J'Ai Lu, 2001.

Original edition, ACE,
1956. Cover by Ed

Sphere, 1980. Cover by Bruce Pennington.

Sogen-sha, 1994.

Le Rayon Fantastique, 1957.

Sphere, 1972. Cover art by Eddie Jones.

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