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This is a collection published by Presses Pocket. It contains the following stories:

Le Fantôme (The Ghost)
Cinémathèque (Film Library)
Processus (Process)
Futur Parfait (Future Perfect)
Ne Retenez pas votre Souffle...(Don't Hold your Breath)
Le Premier Rull (The First Rull)
Le Détective Non-A (The Non Aristotelian Detective)
Jane et les Androides (Living with Jane)


Three in Space, collection of three novels of space travel, including The Voyage of the Space Beagle. Published in 1998 by White Wolf Publishing.






Adam, 1973. The only story by van Vogt that I know was published in this magazine is The Cataaaaa.






Steven Leon writes: An australian anthology published by Jubilee, 1958 whose title story
the Sands of Mars is actually a retitling of The Enchanted Village. This is the third in the Satellite Series of digest anthologies, but it is
numbered 213, the first in the series was number 211.




This is a Romanian book, whose title means "The Book of Van Vogt". I'm guessing this is another collection than the English Book of Van Vogt. This one is published in 1994 in the collection Succese Internationale (The International Successes). See more on


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