Icshi.net (pronounced "ICK-shee") is devoted to presenting in-depth information on a variety of topics (mostly in the field of science fiction), illustrated with huge, high-quality images. Currently, only the Virgin Territory and Sevagram sections are online, but several more are under construction, which will appear as time permits. I'm also hosting Magnus Axelsson's classic van Vogt site, The Weird Worlds of A.E. van Vogt.


The site began in September 2001 as a small website about classic SF author A.E. van Vogt, called Icshi: The A.E. van Vogt Information Site. Since then it has grown considerably, and it finally reached the point where the free personal webspace with my ISP could no longer contain it all, which is what prompted me at long last to get my own domain name with a professional web hosting service.

The old van Vogt site formerly hosted on Earthlink has been taken down as of August 29th, 2011. Most of the new van Vogt section here on Icshi.net, called Sevagram, is now online, though a few items from the old site have yet to be renovated and will be temporarily unavailable. Keep an eye on the Updates page for news on how the renovation is going. However, the entire contents of the old Earthlink site are available for offline viewing by downloading here. If you have any questions on how to use this archived version of the old site, see the "Read Me" file included in the download.

The Man Behind the Curtain

Icshi.net is the website of Isaac Walwyn — hobbyist, biblioholic, cat devotee, tea connoisseur, British-comedy addict, and tremendous fan of anything sci-fi. Visit my Space Rubbish blog for more in-depth information on updates to Icshi.net. (I'm also now on Twitter, for anybody who wishes to connect with me that way. I'll be using it mainly to post random thoughts or interesting links.)

For those of you who are familiar with my previous work, Isaac Walwyn is actually a pseudonym, my real name being Isaac Wilcott. For ten years I've done all my writing and website building under my real name, but I've decided that this new beginning is also the perfect opportunity to make the transition to my pen name. Why the change, you ask? Three reasons:

To those who are interested, the name Walwyn (pronounced WALL-win) is an Old English name meaning "Welsh friend." I first came across the name many years ago, when the publisher Shepheard-Walwyn were first publishing their Who's Who series of books containing biographical sketches of notable people in English history. I've loved the name ever since, and was doubly delighted when I finally found out what it meant, since I love Wales and everything Celtic.

Obligatory Copyright Boilerplate

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