Family Tree — A.E. van Vogt & E. Mayne Hull

This is a diagram of A.E. van Vogt's family tree, going back two generations, and also shows the families of his siblings. The diagram extends far to the right — they used to have a lot more kids in those days — so don't forget about the horizontal scroll bar in your browser!

This information was in a document supplied to me by Grant Thiessen, and the research was done by the father of Tim Friesen (who started Pandora's Books, and currently runs BookIT). The contents of these records have been reproduced here with their kind permission.

I have highlighted the direct descent to Alfred Elton van Vogt, as well as Edna Mayne Hull's parents and Lydia Brayman's children by her first marriage. The date above lines connecting husband and wife indicates the year of their marriage. A question mark indicates that the year of is unknown.

I intend to later add more text to this page to offer more in-depth information on his family and their background.