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February 15th, 2015
A.E. van Vogt: Science Fantasy's Icon
H.L. Drake's non-fiction book studying van Vogt's various fields of interest and writing techniques. Incorporates information from Drake's interviews with van Vogt over a period of many years.
reviewed by: Isaac Walwyn
date: February 6th, 2002
Alfred E. van Vogt: Parcours d'une oeuvre
A critical overview and examination of van Vogt and his work. (Available only in French.)

(The title can be translated into English as A.E. van Vogt: An Outline of His Work.)

reviewed by: Daniele Bitossi
date: February 15th, 2015
A Can of Paint
Robi Michael's short film adaptation of van Vogt's classic short story.
reviewed by: Isaac Walwyn
date: January 17th, 2005
Cosmic Encounter
A unique and fascinating van Vogt novel from 1979.
reviewed by: Isaac Walwyn
date: November 3rd, 2003
Metaphysics of Evolution in A.E. van Vogt
Reknowned Italian SF scholar Riccardo Gramantieri's magnum opus, the most extensive study of A.E. van Vogt and his work ever published in any language. (Available only in Italian.)

Italian title: Metafisica dell'Evoluzione in A.E. van Vogt.
First published in April 2011 by Elara Libri.

reviewed by: Daniele Bitossi
date: October 1st, 2011
Null-A Continuum
John C. Wright's sequel to van Vogt's Null-A Trilogy, written as a grand finale for the series.

As with the reviews of Slan Hunter (see below), neither reviewer saw the other's review prior to completing his own.

reviewed by: Daniele Bitossi
date: June 1st, 2008

Daniele, a dedicated van Vogt fan from Italy, briefly sums up his opinion of the novel.

reviewed by: Isaac Walwyn
date: June 1st, 2008

Isaac's in-depth review contains numerous plot spoilers.

The People of the Wide Sands
Another rare late work from van Vogt, having only appeared in French and German.
reviewed by: Alexander Martin Pfleger
date: May 1st, 2005

In addition to his review, Alexander has also written an in-depth plot summary of this novel which can be read here.

Slan Hunter
Kevin J. Anderson's sequel to van Vogt's seminal novel Slan, based on an outline by van Vogt.

Both of the reviews below were based on the novel's serial appearance in the bi-monthly online magazine Jim Baen's Universe. Neither of us saw the other's review until we had each finished our own. This was done to ensure each would represent a truly separate point of view, so whatever comments are repeated in both reviews were arrived at independently. Such coincidence is not the result of collusion, though it may have something to do with those tendrils in our hair.

reviewed by: Mark McSherry
date: March 6th, 2007

Mark's review is pleasantly brief and free of any spoilers. If you would like a quick summing up to give you some idea of whether you'd be interested in reading the novel, his is the review to read.

reviewed by: Isaac Walwyn
date: March 6th, 2007

Isaac's review is a lengthy analysis of the novel and as such contains numerous spoilers. It is intended mainly for those who have already read the book or who don't mind having surprises ruined.

To Conquer Kiber
This, one of van Vogt's last novels, is also his rarest, having been published only in French (1985) and Romanian (1998).
reviewed by: Denis Dubé
date: September 26th, 2010

Denis is a French Canadian living in London, Ontario. In addition to his review, he's also written an in-depth plot summary of this novel which can be read here.

reviewed by: Isaac Walwyn
date: September 26th, 2010

Isaac's review appears here thanks on Denis' efforts in translating the novel from French into English.