Chart of the E. Mayne Hull Stories

This chart is designed to complement both Isaac's and Don's articles on the E. Mayne Hull authorship controversy.

This chart shows the van Vogt and Hull stories as they appeared in each issue of Astounding Science Fiction and Unknown Worlds from December 1942 to January 1946, and is particularly useful for illustrating the "two stories per issue" situation that necessitated the creation of the Hull pen-name. It is worth noting that with the sole exception of The Winged Man (May-June 1944), every Hull story that appeared by itself (i.e., in an issue without a van Vogt story also appearing) were those that were part of a series already credited to Hull.

(Year) A.E. van Vogt E. Mayne Hull A.E. van Vogt E. Mayne Hull
(Month) Astounding SF Unknown Worlds
December "The Weapon Shop" "The Flight That Failed"

(aka "Rebirth: Earth")
January "The Search"
February The Weapon Makers (Part 1) "The Witch" "The Ultimate Wish"

[Wish Series #1]
March The Weapon Makers (Part 2)
April The Weapon Makers (Part 3) "Abdication"

(aka "The Invisibility Gambit")

[Blord Series #1]
June "Competition"

[Blord Series #2]
"The Wishes We Make"

[Wish Series #2]
July "The Great Engine"
August "M33 in Andromeda"
September "Concealment"
October "The Storm" The Book of Ptath "The Patient"
November "The Beast"
December "The Debt"

[Blord Series #3]
"The Wellwisher"

[Wish Series #3]
January "Far Centaurus"
March "The Rulers" "The Contract"

[Blord Series #4]
April The Changeling
May The Winged Man (Part 1)
June The Winged Man (Part 2)
August "Juggernaut"
September "A Can of Paint"
November "The Harmonizer"
January "The Mixed Men" "Enter the Professor"

[Blord Series #5]
August "Child of the Gods" "Bankruptcy Proceedings"

[Blord Series #6]